What is My Edmonton Home Value?

My Edmonton Home Values is a web service providing real time home valuations without the paperwork and commitment of a realtor relationship. Neighborhood sales data is a vital requirement in finding out what your house is currently worth. What you do with the neighborhood  data we provide is entirely up to you!

What more can we offer?

Has your home appreciated in value since you purchased it? Maybe your neighbor's house just sold and you want to know where you stand? My Edmonton Home Value offers free consultation from an Alberta REALTOR® If requested! Selling your house is a decision that should not be made before knowing as much as possible about your homes current value.

Is My House Appreciating In Value?

Is your neighborhood appreciating in value? Is your home worth more now than it was when you bought it? Edmonton is filled with unique older neighborhoods many of which have aged well throughout the years with massive increases in land value. Other neighborhoods are beginning to feel that same appreciation in value as the city reinvests in infrastructure and public transportation.

Request a consultation with My Edmonton Home Value and talk to a REALTOR® over the phone about your home. Review Edmonton real estate sales data together and discuss the intricacies of your property. Get free advice from a professional to better understand Edmonton’s real estate market and your homes re-sale value!

Whether you’re using My Edmonton Home Value web services to help buy Real Estate or sell your home, we’re happy to provide expert consultation on the Edmonton residential real estate market without any of the commitments of a client relationship.

Our Mission

My Edmonton Home Value is a website ran by Edmonton realtors with the goal of helping the public access information and advice on Edmonton’s current real estate market. Whether you’re planning to put your house on market For Sale By Owner (FSBO), or would just like an update on your neighborhoods real estate market conditions we’re here to help.

In recent years Edmonton has grown as a city, we’ve experienced expansion in the downtown core like never before. In addition, infill development hs also revitalized and changed several older neighborhoods in the city. Whether we like to admit it, Edmonton is changing faster than it has for a long time!

Neighborhoods like Westmount, Glenora, Crestwood and Parkview, once considered far too expensive to build a new house in, have had their zoning rules changed. All Edmonton single family neighborhoods have been approved for lot splitting, which has resulted in the development of infill properties or ‘Skinny houses’. Neighborhoods affected by infill development have seen house prices sky rocket over the last few years!

My Edmonton Home Value is committed to providing Edmonton Real Estate Market Data and information so you can understand what your house is worth without having to make any commitments to a REALTOR®. We provide comparable house sales data and advice on your homes value for free without any hassle! Learn more about Sold Listings here.

Understand Your Homes On Market Sale Value Like A Realtor

House Features

Not all homes are born equal! Just because you have seen many homes in your neighborhood sell for substantially more than you bought your house for, it may not mean you’re in for a huge payday. The most important home feature is Square Feet (SF) per floor. You can see SF at the bottom of the comparable sales listings provided.

When looking at comparables try to compare your house with sold houses within a 100 SF of your home. The next most important is whether the basements finished and to what extent. A full basement renovation can be costly (20 – $60,000) look for houses in your neighborhood with a similarly finished basement.

The third most important feature is your garage. Try to compare your house with homes in the neighborhood that have a similar garage! Comparing homes features can be challenging. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Curb Appeal & Landscaping

Curb Appeal is a make or break for many home buyers! Take an objective look at your homes curb appeal before comparing it to recently sold houses in your neighborhood. The most important aspect of curb appeal is your homes cladding. Is it stucco cladding? Brick?

These are important aspects of your house that can greatly improve or diminish your home value. The second most important is your roof. Has it been recently replaced? Are the shingles in need of some repair? Although a new roof is not very expensive – many home buyers will see a problem. Lastly, your landscaping matters.

Do you have a concrete pad in the back or front? A front or back deck? What about planters? Try to compare your house with homes based on comparable curb appeal.

House Maintenance

House maintenance can be a reassuring sign for many home buyers. While other home buyers hope to find fixer upper properties. Home maintenance may not affect how long your home sits on the market, but it will affect the homes value. The most important feature of home maintenance are your windows.

Do you have new vinyl windows or old aluminium windows? Try to compare your house with houses that have similar windows. This is the most important maintenance factor of your house because it’s the most expensive to fix! Coming in second and third are your furnace/water heater and your floors/walls.

Try to look for houses to compare with similar furnishings! This can be hard to notice without a trained eye. You should call if you’re having trouble deciphering the sales data we’ve sent you.

House Location and Lot Size

My Edmonton Home Value will send you residential real estate sales data from your neighborhood so you do not have to worry about the location factor too much. With that being said there are still several factors to consider when it comes to your homes location and lot size. Edmonton has some very dynamic neighborhoods.

Many neighborhoods have houses fronting railroads, large highways or main streets. Make sure you discount properties close to busy roads. It is also important to discount properties close to denser multi-family developments.

On the other hand, houses facing schools, parks or near hospitals will likely have a greater value! Lastly, it is important not to forget about lot size. Home buyers love large backyards, more room is also favorable if you’re looking to sell to a redevelopment company. Make sure you only look at sales data from houses with comparably sized lots in comparable locations!

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