Using Sold Listings

Edmonton Sold listings are a valuable resource when deciding the price to sell your home for. Whether you’re planning to sell your home or just want an accurate idea of your homes current value the recent sales in your neighborhood will be a great indicator.

How can you best use Sold listings in your neighborhood to understand your homes value? As stated on the main page there are 4 main aspects to review in comparable sales date which will help you better understand your homes value.

House Features

House features are the first of the 4 main aspects of your house we will review. Below is a list of home features from most important to least important. Look through the MLS Data provided by Comparable House Sales and try to collect recent sales with similar features to your house!

1. Square Feet (Per Floor)
2. Basement Finishing
3. Garage Type
4. Number of Bedrooms
5. Number of Bathrooms
6. Kitchen Layout
7. Vaulted Ceilings
8. Alarm System / Sprinkler System

The highest difference will be seen in this category between house size and basement style. Each of these can greatly affect the sale price of the house. Even if maintenance has been poor, a house with 1300 SF in comparison to 750 SF will be great. Another huge difference maker can be the basement. A finished basement Vs. a unfinished basement can be a value of 20-60k. If the basement is legally suited the difference can be even greater!

Curb Appeal & Landscaping

Curb appeal is a huge aspect for many new home owners. It may not be make or break for many home buyers but it will seem like substantial value add – often creating a return for the seller much greater than the initial investment required. Below are the most important aspects of your homes curb appeal – get these right and it’s likely you’ll sell your home faster.

1. House Cladding
2. Roof Shingles
3. Front Deck or Concrete Pad
4. Front Steps
5. Front Door
6. Landscaping
7. Exterior Lighting
8. Updated Fence

This is a short list showing, in Comparable House Sales opinion, the 8 most important curb appeal aspects. Take a look at the Edmonton sales data Comparable House Sales provides. Ensure the houses you’re comparing your house with have a similar level of curb appeal!

House Features

House maintenance and updating is a great way to increase the listing price of your home. A house that has been well maintained, whether it’s the kitchen, building systems (electrical, heat, plumbing) or the wall paint – some TLC can go a long way when it comes to home value. Here are the highest value changers when it comes to House Maintenance and updating.

1. Windows
2. Kitchen Counter/Cabinets
3. Kitchen Appliances
4. Floors
5. Wall Paint
6. Furnace
7. Water Tank

This list mentions some of the largest aspects of interior maintenance and updating you should look for while reviewing comparable sales in your neighborhood. Use these points to get the best idea of what your homes worth in comparison to other homes that have sold in the neighborhood. If you have questions please reach out!

House Location and Lot Size

The location and lot size of your house will always be considered by the buyer or the buyers real estate agent when deciding if they want to write an offer on your property – and for how much. If you have 50 feet of frontage in a good neighborhood like Westmount, Glenora, Parkview, Crestwood or Grovenor, you may get more interest from developers than you would if it had less than 50 feet of frontage. Another key indicator of your homes sale price is it’s location.

Try to find recent sales with a comparable location. If you can’t find one on your exact street make sure the sales data you are using to decide your homes value is at least in a similar area. If you have any questions we are also always willing to help!